Monday, February 16, 2015

Brew Riot

Been a while since my last update.  The hefe and the imperial IPA are probably pretty close to being kicked by now, with the stout not too far behind.  So, it's getting close to time to start brewing again!  Each May in Dallas, there's a homebrew competition/festival called Brew Riot.  Homebrewers and homebrew clubs can enter their beers to be judged by both festival goers and actual judges.  I'm going to try my hand this year and enter a couple of beers.  Since I'm sure it will be warm in May, I'm going to do a couple of refreshing beers.  I'm thinking a good citrusy IPA and a hefeweizen.  My hefe that I did last year turned out pretty well, so I'll probably just brew that same recipe again.  For the IPA, here's what I've got:

11lbs 2-row
2lbs Munich 10L
1lb Crystal 10L

1oz Magnum @ 60
1oz Citra @ 15
1/2 oz Mosaic @ 5
1/2 oz Citra @ 5
1oz Mosaic @ flameout
1/2oz Citra Dry hopped for 10 days
1/2oz Mosaic Dry hopped for 10 days

WLP001 yeast

The Magnum is a pretty "clean" bittering hop, so it shouldn't overpower the citrus characteristics of the Citra and Mosaic.  I have a chest freezer now to use as a fermentation chamber, so I'll be able to control fermentation temps much better.  I'll start it around 64* for active fermentation, then let it warm up to 68* until it hits FG.  I'll rack over to secondary at that point and add the dry hops.  Then into the keg to carbonate.  I'm going for 6 gallons into the fermentor, and hoping to have a bit extra to bottle when it's all done.  We'll see.

For brew Riot, you enter as a team/individual with a team name or brewery name.  Since there is now a commercial brewery up and running with the Texas Ale Project name, I'm going to have to change the name of my little homebrew brewery so I don't get them all upset.  I have a few ideas percolating, so hopefully I can decide on something soon.

Brew day for the IPA will probably be next weekend, with the hefe a month later.